Start to Finish Unity Games and Python Coding

*Includes 6 FREE webinars! Code in C# & make games from zero to hero in Unity. PLUS learn the Python coding language!


Do you want an introduction to game development and web app development? This is the course for you!

In Part 1, you learn how to make 35 games in Unity 2D and 3D! Other tutorials only show you how to make the functionality or design of a game. We at Mammoth Interactive show you how to do both.

This course is project-based, so you will not be learning a bunch of useless coding practices. At the end of this course, you will have real-world apps to use in your portfolio. We feel that project based training content is the best way to get from A to B. Taking this course means you learn practical, employable skills immediately.

Learning how to code is a great way to jump in a new career or enhance your current career. Coding is the new math and learning how to code will propel you forward for any situation. Learn it today and get a head start for tomorrow. People who can master technology will rule the future.

In Part 2, you learn how to code in the Python 3.5 programming language. Whether you have or have not coded before, you can learn how to use Python. Python is a popular programming language that is useful to know because of its versatility. Python is easy to understand and can be used for many different environments. Cross-platform apps and 3D environments are often made in Python.

We cover basic programming concepts for people who have never programmed before. This course covers key topics in Python and coding in general, including variables, loops, and classes. Moreover, you learn how to handle input, output, and errors.

To learn how to use Python, we create our own functioning Blackjack game! In this game, you receive cards, submit bets, and keep track of your score. By the end of this course, you are able to use the coding knowledge you gained to make your own apps and environments in Python.

Your purchase includes 6 webinars recorded by Mammoth Interactive (normally $64): Intro to Kotlin: Java’s Replacement for Android App DevelopmentIntro to Android Studio and JavaCore Data: Learn to Use Xcode’s DatabaseGoogle Maps and Xcode: Build a Maps-Focused Project, Parse JSON Data: Build a Weather App, and Intro to SpriteKit Games: Build a Simple Pong Clone.

Get started today!

Who is the target audience?
  • No prior coding or digital art skills necessary.
  • People who want to make games.
  • Complete beginners who want to learn to code in Python.

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