SAT – Advanced Study Package

Self paced SAT Prep with video lessons and practice questions


This is an online, self-learning course for SAT preparation. It offers a comprehensive coverage of the SAT concepts and is equipped with video lessons and practice questions. Each of the 60+ videos with an average duration of 12 minutes covers a math/reading/writing concept using illustrations wherever necessary. The concepts are reviewed in depth and illustrated through practical problem solving applications.

You can pace your SAT prep as the course is completely online and emphasizes self-learning. It serves as a kick-starter to a thorough SAT test preparation one may have to follow up with, giving the perfect orientation towards the test. You can access the videos for individual topics for fast reviews and accurate problem solving.

Who is the target audience?
  • Thế SÁT – Advanced study package is for beginners as well as students who have taken the SAT exam earlier. The course focuses on problem-solving techniques and builds a strong foundation in the fundamentals. It helps students improve on their weak areas and close the knowledge gaps. The practice questions along with instructor feedback is the ideal preparation to top score in the SÁT exam.

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