Piano for Singer/Songwriters | Write Songs and Perform Live!

Perform and sing your favorite songs on the piano! Step by step, easy to follow modern piano lessons for beginners


Wielding the piano opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities.

In this foundational course, I teach you how to play piano as a singer/songwriter. It’s a unique method that takes somebody with zero musical experience and transforms them into a piano wielding singer/songwriter.

This method has been refined over the last 3 years as I’ve taught more and more artists in New York and Los Angeles.

Every lecture builds upon the previous lecture. I walk you through the whole process as efficiently as possible, taking every effort to find ways to cut your learning time in half.

Watch the lectures, complete the challenges, and enjoy playing! By the end you should be able to pick a song, adjust the song to most singable key for your voice, and accompany yourself on the piano.

You should take this course if you think you’d have fun playing the songs you love and exploring how piano wielding singer/songwriters like Carol King, Alicia Keys, and Ben Folds express themselves on the piano.

This is a foundational course for beginners. This course is meant to be an alternative to a traditional piano lesson schedule.

If you love playing, writing and singing songs, this course is for you.

Hope to see you on the inside!

– R

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Who is the target audience?
  • Complete beginners or pianists with no “modern piano” experience
  • This course is geared towards singer/songwriters, but additionally serves as the foundation for all contemporary piano playing. If you are interested in modern piano this is for you.
  • You can “hand a person a fish” or “teach them how to fish” – this is not a tutorial where I teach you how to play one song (hand you a fish), this is a method that teaches you how to play any song you want (how to fish). If you’re looking for a tutorial and immediate gratification this is not for you.

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