Networking Fundamentals

Networking Fundamentals will teach you all the basics needed to start your career in Networking, no expierance required


Sam’s Courses have been taken over 50,000+ times by 30,000+ students all over the world. And now, he’s ready to help YOU learn BGP! (Course Up To Date As Of 9/5/2016)

Why take our course? I feel the reasons are best expressed *clears throat* in song. But unfortunately this is a text course description, so we’ll settle for a professionally organized bullet-point-filled list.

This course…

  • While requiring no previous knowledge of anything Networking related, will grant you the information you need to start your career in the field.
  • Contains up to 6+ hours of video, slam packed with essential, need to know info that has been handpicked and deemed worthy by me, Sam Fitzgerald, Network Expert of 20+ years, CCIE recipient, and 6 time Olympic medalist in “Hand Ball”. Okay not really, but I do need someone to tell me what in the world Hand Ball is.
  • Has been professionally recorded in front of a Green screen, and the audio has been captured by professional microphones, to insure crystal clear visuals, and instructions, to enhance the student experience. Plus in my off time I use the green screen and make it look like I’m Iron man.
  • Countless hours of work went into editing the videos, and we’ve come out with a product we know is great, and we’re very proud of it.
  • As with all our courses, we get straight to the point, cutting out the useless facts, stutters, and other time waster, enabling you to learn quickly, and more efficiently, than any other course available.

Praise For Sam’s Course

Coming from the mind of an industry expert with 20+ years of experience, Sam masterfully breaks down every last detail in a quickeasy to understand way. His teaching style is light, quick, and I just can’t make myself bored

– Isaiah T. 5 Stars

This course makes CCNA topics like routing technologies and network device security as simple as possible. I really enjoyed it, and I will definitely be taking more of Sams courses.

– Trever Eason 5 Stars

In fact, there’s mile long lists of people raving about this BGP course, and how much they love it, and we know you will too.


In This Course You Will Be Introduced To..

  • Different Types of connectivity
  • Cabling
  • Protocols
  • How To Work With IP Addressing


And the best part? If all of that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can always use Udemys money back policy to reclaim the root of all evil. There’s literally NO risk, but as for the reward? Well, let’s just say skys the limit! You know what to do, ENROLL TODAY!

Additional questions? Don’t be afraid to message me! Otherwise, I’ll see you on the inside!

-Networking Step By Step: Learning At the speed of Life 

Who is the target audience?
  • Network Engineers looking to gain the knowledge needed to start their career
  • Those interested in the field of Networking, who are wanting to learn more

Full Details : [ Take Course Now ]

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