Modern Psychology: An Introductory TextBook Video Course

This is an introductory video textbook course on Modern Psychology from Advanced General Psychology

Course Description

After going through this course you will have a glimpse on

1.The significance of psychology

2. The Aim of Psychology or Goals of Psychology i.e,

a. Describing and measuring Behaviour.

b. Predicting Behaviour.

c. Controlling and Modifying Behaviour and Ultimately

d.Explaining Behaviour.

3.The various schools of Psychology  i.e,

a. Structuralism.

b. Functionalism

c. Psychoanalysis

d. Gestalt Psychology

e. Behaviourism

f. Humanistic Psychology

You will also be able to understand the following :

a. The various methods of Psychology i.e,

-> Introspection

-> Descriptive Research

-> Experimental Method and

-> Developmental Method

b. Historical development of the field Psychology

c. The various fields of Basic Psychology.

d. The various fields of Applied Psychology.

So ,Please Take This Course…

What are the requirements?

  • Common Sense knowledge on Psychology
  • Time and Commitment
  • Interest to Learn and Understand

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn and Understand the basics of Advanced General Psychology or Modern Psychology
  • Get an Introduction to Advanced General Psychology or Modern Psychology.

What is the target audience?

  • Those who want to pursue career in Psychology.
  • Those who are looking to learn and understand Advanced General Psychology or Modern Psychology

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