Memory Skills Improvement

Everything on Memory concept, Types, Mnemonics, PEGs, Memory Palaces, Exercises, Nutrition, Meditation, Poem and so on..

Course Description

There is no knowledge without memory. Everyone actually has a vast memory provided by the nature. It is up to us in whatever best way we can sharpen it and use it to our advantage. Actually there is no way to improve memory, however there are tricks and ways to improve the skills bby which our memory can be utilised at its best. This course has been created after a lot of field research and references to articles. The experience of training thousands of learners also goes in. That it why it has many innovative topics like –

Course Contents:
– More than 40 Sessions with more than 2 hour of videos.
– Attached resource with exercise sheets.
– Detailed chart of Memory Pegs.
– Section Level Quizzes.
– Many practical exercises while doing the video based learning.
– Types of memory explained in detail.
– Fundamental concept for memory skills improvement like Belief, Attention, Visualization,
Association, Absurdity, Story Making and Rehearsal etc.
– Important Improvement Drivers like Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition and Attitude.
– Most popular memory system like Mnemonic major system, visual peg system,
journey/loci or memory palace method are all there.
– Innovative things like Memory meditation, Memory Poem and Memory pledge is there.
– Useful tricks for solving day to day memory problems.
– Aroma techniques for memory improvement.
– Memory Diseases and Drugs.
– Ageing effects and how to cope with ageing memory issues.

About 2 hours of video classes and then about 2-3 hours of exercise will give you enough food for thought and be prepared to have great feel within your brain.

This course should be taken to:
– Be prepared for great memory skills
– Learn the tricks that will improve your mental performance in all spheres of life.
– Impress others that you truly have a great memory.
– To prepare yourself so that you can take more advanced courses and be prepared
to have a champion like memory.

What are the requirements?

  • You should be able to use a PC or Mobile along with internet
  • You must have a belief on yourself that you can make improvements in yourself

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Develop additional confidence in your memory skills.
  • Remember your day to day things better if you apply the tricks learnt in this course.
  • Perform better in your role as a student, company executive, housewife, a mentor or any profession you are in.
  • have proud that your brain surely better trained and is ready to deliver better performance all your life.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for anyone from a 10 year old child to 100 year old super seniors.

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