Learn C++ Game Development

C++ game development course for beginners.

Course Description

Learn C++ game development is a course I made for everyone who knows how to program, but doesn’t know where to start with game development. The course teaches you how to use the SFML library for C++, to start working with graphics, events and sound to create a 2D game. Everything is done step by step with the help of videos, so it’s easy to follow along and learn. At the end of the course you will know what you need for game programming and will be able to start making your own games.

Warning: This course was published more than 2 years ago and the technology used in it progresses fast. The current most updated version of SFML (2.1) doesn’t work out of the box with Visual Studio 2013 (or the express editions) and it requires more work to setup. If you want to follow this course easily, then you should use the 2012 or older version of Visual Studio (or the express edition) which can still be officially downloaded from Microsoft site.
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