Learn Adobe Illustrator: Semi-Automatic Mandalas Drawing

Create a semi-automatic template for quickly drawing your own mandala and patterns in Adobe Illustrator.


Do you see these beautiful, highly detailed mandalas? Perhaps you think it took me a very long time to draw and color them? And if I say that I spent about 5 minutes on each of them, you will not believe me?

Well, maybe today I can convince you.

In this course we will create a template for drawing mandalas and try it in the case! Yes, creating the template itself can take a little longer than 5 minutes. But after that, you will be able to draw any patterns with a huge amount of detail, for your own pleasure and absolutely not tire of monotonous work!

Oh yes! The template itself, ready for work – is already included in the course. You can just download it and start creating!

Who is the target audience?
  • This class does not require you to serious drawing skills, and suitable both for beginners and experienced designers/illustrators who want to learn new techniques for working with Adobe Illustrator.

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