Laravel 5.4 Complete Guide:Build Mini Social Networking Site

Build a social networking application like Facebook, as you learn every concept.


Social networking has become a part of our life. Have you ever wondered how websites like Facebook works under the hood? This course is to show you what happens behind the scenes. I have chosen one of the most popular frameworks, Laravel, due to the sharp knives it provides to cut hard vegetables :). You will be building a social networking website from scratch, as you learn the Laravel concepts. It’s always exciting to see the concepts work in real time. We will use Laravel 5.4 for our project and when a new Laravel release is out, we will upgrade our project to it.

This course is for PHP beginners or any advanced user migrating from other frameworks to taste Laravel. You will get a good hands on experience developing a real time app, by discussing several modern web concepts and tools like,

Websockets, Axios (Promise based HTTP client for Ajax calls), Laravel Mix (introduced in 5.4) with webpack.js for packing CSS and JS files, Notifications (Email and SMS, can also be extended to Slack Notifications which we will discuss in Appendix Section), Security Policy, Blade, jQuery, third party integrations (as in micro services) and much more. 

That said,

“Software development is not reserved only for crazy people with fancy glasses and weird looks :D, but for anyone willing to put consistent efforts :)”

If you are curious to learn developing a modern real time social networking website but new to PHP, go to school, learn the basics and come back. There are several websites like w3schools and codeschool which provide simple learning methods to teach PHP. In the pre-requisite section, I have provided very specific topics in PHP to learn or refresh before starting this course. If you still can’t figure out what to do, then talk to me 🙂 I’m here to help you learn at your own pace.

If you are an advanced user (too advanced ;)), who is not ready wait to finish the course videos, I have something for you. You will have access to the complete source code of the project that we are building, immediately after subscription and you can skip the course videos and download the source code to get up and running on Day 1 !! 🙂

Important concepts have been repeated intentionally throughout the journey, so that, unconsciously you become more familiar with them after completing the course. Further, the course strikes a fine balance between length and quality. The course is short enough to help the student complete it and also long enough to cover all the essentials. Keeping ‘Applied way of thinking’  the ultimate aim of the course is to equip students with necessary skills to start working on Laravel projects immediately after completing the course.

See you soon!!

With Love,

Karthikeyan Alagarswamy (Karthi).

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for PHP beginners aspiring to learn a new PHP framework
  • This course is for any PHP beginner curious to learn about building a social networking website
  • This course is for Advanced PHP programmers migrating to Laravel from other PHP frameworks

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