Iphone Camera Essentials

Quickly turn your iPhone photography into a fulfilling passion. Get both the fundamentals and step-by-step instructions.

Course Description

Guy Yang introduces you to the best ways to take and edit great photos with your iPhone. You’ll also get a primer on how to efficiently organize your images using the cloud and your desktop computer together with your iPhone/iPad.

You want to get into photography through iPhoneography and learn the craft to develop a fulfilling passion? Or you simply want to turn your photos of friends and family into more engaging and eye-catching images? iPhone Camera Essentials is designed to get you there as fast as possible.

This is what participants say about the class:
Great lessons! Thank you for sharing with so much enthusiasm and precision. Celia Jordao

I knew you could take good photos with the newer iPhones, but didn’t realize you could actually do ‘photography’ with them! The pics you have up look great Guy, you’ve definitely inspired me! Vince

You do an awesome job Guy. As a photo instructor myself I have to say I appreciate your teaching style. This site has great content and a powerful way of communicating it all. Kudos to you! Michael Downey

Brilliant! Thank you for your generosity! Josh R.

Here’s what professional photographers say about iPhone Camera Essentials:

Nice breakdown of the facts here, well done! Even after 30 years of actively shooting B/W photography, I learned a few gems! I wish I hadn’t watched this video in the morning over coffee…now I want to blow off work and go shoot right now! Jack Hollingsworth – Austin, Texas

As a professional photographer I would consider myself someone who has a good understanding of how to hold a camera and all the basic workings. But I found these first videos very informative, especially on holding an iPhone! Gerry Coe – Belfast, UK

Instead of searching the Internet for hours on end, you’ll get the essential plus iPhone photography tips and tricks gathered in one place to learn how to use iPhone camera.

Here some of the topics we cover:

  • The best ways to shoot with your iPhone.
  • How to take great black and white photos with your iOS device.
  • The rule of thirds as you’ve never seen it (you’ll discover a couple of secrets about that rule) and how to use it on the iPhone camera.
  • How to make photos full of beautiful details and vivid colors using HDR.
  • Learn how masks and layers can easily be applied on your photos right on your phone or iPad.
  • A couple of editing secrets, such as uncropping pictures, adding grit and removing halos on your mobile device or tablet.
  • And much, much more…

With completion of this online training course, you will be fully versed, and well capable of taking top notch photos with your iPhone!

Take this ultimate iPhone Photography Essentials course right now and learn how to use iPhone camera.

What are the requirements?

  • iPhone 4 or more recent
  • or iPad 2 or more recent
  • or iPod Touch 4th Generation or more recent

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Highly visual method, addressing both fundamentals and step-by-step instructions.
  • Learn for a passionate iPhoneographer who has been in the craft for 5 years, since the first iPhone came out!
  • Suitable for beginner and intermediate iPhone photographers, as well as for professional photographers who want to quickly climb the iPhoneography learning curve
  • You’ll be able to compose your shots nicely…
  • …edit them easily on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad,…
  • … and manage your photos across all devices effortlessly.
  • To follow this course, you’ll need any one of these devices or a more recent version: iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod Touch 4th Generation
  • To follow this course, you’ll need any one of these devices or a more recent version: iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod Touch 4th Generation

What is the target audience?

  • Beginner and Intermediate photographers, with an iPhone.
  • Professional photographers who want to climb the iPhoneography learning curve quickly.

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