Infographic Design – Complete Guide to Quality Infographics

Create Effective, High Quality, Professional Infographics for Your Business, PowerPoint Presentations and Web Graphics


Infographic Design and Data Visualization  COURSE – Complete Guide to Quality Infographics

Welcome to my Infographic Design and Data Visualization Course!

In this course, you’ll have fun learning dozens of useful methods for creating high quality, audience engaging infographics from a Professional Graphic Designer — me 😀

Rather you’re new to infographics or have a good idea of how they work; this course will cover everything you need to know about infographics design and data visualization in an in-depth, comprehensive, fun and engaging way.

In this course, Aisha Borel — Graphic Designer and Creativity Coach — mixes her love of good design with her canny sense of humor and innate ability to take complicated subjects (such as Infographic Design and Data Visualization) and distill them down to simple, easy to understand terms. While at the same time sharing expert tips and techniques that can be immediately applied by even the least experienced out there.

Also, Aisha will teach you proven methods usually only reserved for the advanced designer. These methods will allow you to create engaging, low-cost infographics that not only will look designed by a team of professionals, but also stand out from the sea of bad, mediocre, and boring infographics out there.

Best of all…

• YOU DON’T NEED to hire a team of designers to create beautiful, well-designed infographics

• YOU DON’T NEED to be a professional graphic designer to enroll in this course

• And YOU DON’T NEED to purchase expensive software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop!

Instead, all you need is a desire to learn, a good internet connection, and your favorite mug of tea to get started.

So, join me in creating high-quality infographics today! 

😀 Aisha

Who is the target audience?
  • Students
  • Hobbyists
  • Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Graphic Designers

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