How to implement social media into your web using Angular ?

A practical guideline how to implement YouTube and Instagram API into your website with a user social media profile.


In this course You will learn how to make a use of YouTube and Instagram API.   But what it API ?

An API is a list of commands that one program can send to another.In this case a browser sends You information from social media database. In our example You tube API will send information about your playlists,channels and a general  YouTube profile as name, email etc. Instagram will sent information about the photographs You uploaded. Our Application will allow to excess above information and display them on your private website. If you a blogger, designer or you just You run your website for business purposes, your potential buyer does not need to go to your Youtube or Instagram Channel the media will be already there, ready to be explored. This feature gives an extra wow factor to you website for sure ! With simple steps I will walk You through that process.This projects will use Angular as main programming library. Happy coding !

Who is the target audience?
  • front-end developers
  • graphic design students
  • self-tough web programmes that want to step into market
  • junior programmes that need to progress in career
  • Angular Learners

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