Heaven & Hell Bodyweight Workouts For A Lean Healthy Body

This bodyweight program combines strength with mobility! Awesome workouts in less than 10 minutes for your busy life!


These workouts are designed to implement mobility, core, stability and flexibility (Heaven) with power, strength, conditioning, and speed (Hell).  It is all about intervals based upon the concept of intensity.  The higher the intensity the longer and the better the recovery. One way to recover is to work on mobility after working on these other concepts.  It is simply unique and very effective.  Here is some of what is included

  • 18 different exercises that can be used in many different ways for workouts
  • Exercise and workouts that can be done almost anywhere space allows
  • Commentary on the exercises and circuits
  • Advice on how to train appropriately
  • Some of the mistakes people make with workouts
  • Endless combinations of training in circuits that can be created
  • Bonuses on nutrition, recovery, and much more

This program is for those that want a challenging, effective workouts using body weight.  It is not for the beginner or anyone that is not interested in power, strength and mobility.  It is also not for endurance athletes.  I hope you enjoy the efficiency and the philosophy behind these workouts.  Enjoy!

Who is the target audience?
  • These workouts are designed for results orientated individuals who can train hard
  • It is for the professional, parent, or other time strapped individuals
  • It is for those that want to workout with body weight workouts to get stronger and more flexible
  • Athletes, fitness enthusiasts, avid gym goers are all welcome to these workouts
  • This is not for beginners, aerobic exercises, long duration cardio, and/or wimpy exercisers

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