French vocabulary: The unconventional full immersion

Quickly absorb the most important vocabulary – Enjoy the real difference !

Course Description

*** Announcement (14 January 2017) *** Course is usually $175 !!  but it’s now $30 for few days !! (yeah I know, 8.5 hours of videos, this is ridiculous )

Because I want you guy to be able to benefit from it, I decided to make the course very affordable.

It’s ONLY for FEW DAYS ! This is limited ! Hurry … Take the course and enjoy your results.

Happy new Year 2017


NB: The cost will go back up for sure … you watch!



Learning and rehearsing is becoming easy, and it is going to make all the difference.

Discover how you can take out the struggles and adopte a new way to absorb the most important French words you want to know !

This is not a “learn French in 24 hours” but this is everything you need to rehearse your french effortlessly and really take off.

Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.’ – Zig Ziglar

As a result of taking this course, imaging being able to understand most of any french conversation or any article within few weeks, using the best bricks for your foundations. Yes, people around you are going to be impressed but who do you think is going to be really thrilled ?

So what’s in it for you:

  • The course contains absolutely everything you need to start learning the right vocabulary [100+ downloadable resources] so that anytime you have few minutes, you can use them wisely;
  • The spelling technic applied – Words and “phrases with the words in context” are repeated 4 times for your mind absorb it;
  • The selection of the most useful and relevant words because they are the one we use the most (French Government selection)
  • The explanation on how everything works for your maximum results;
  • Motivation and ‘hands on’ tips to boost your motivation and discipline becoming bilingual.

Our aim is to give you the opportunity to be quickly amazed as you start recognizing and understanding French words almost automaticaly.

And because you are going to recognise these words in everyday conversations, you can be convinced that your speaking and writing skills is improving drastically. Yes, there is a snow ball effect that comes with it and your confidence improves.

The sooner your start, the sooner you can see yourself becoming fluent.

We made these sessions extremely practical so you can take the knowledge to real life experiences and be rewarded in multiple ways.

Everyone can take this course that comes in your pocket. Hurry up, you could hold a conversation by now 🙂 Enjoy!


What are the requirements?

  • We recommend to use headset for a focused experience
  • The spelling is completed in English for a quicker assimilation
  • The objective is to rehearse with videos ready to be used

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Know by heart the 501 most important French words
  • Know the right vocabulary and understand 60% of any French Conversations
  • Increase their confidence in speaking French
  • Get results with a particular method to learn and be rewarded with tremendous results
  • Enjoy the snow ball effect and be really good
  • Have the opportunity to access our Elite Training

Who is the target audience?

  • Students who want to improve their vocabulary level in a very short period of time.
  • Student interested in reducing their learning time
  • Students and professionals who have no previous knowledge of French or anyone who want to revise the fundamentals
  • This course is not about French grammar or French conjugation

Full Details : [ Take Course Now ]

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