Create a social network using PHP Mysqli HTML Css and JQuery

Learn how to make a complete professional social networking website with all features like facebook


Want to learn how to use PHP and MYSQLI in order to create a professional website? Isn’t it a bonus if that website is “SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITE”.That is what you are going to learn in this course.

If you already know the basics of PHP, MYSQLI, HTML, CSS and JQuery. This course is a gem for you. In this course you will learn how you can combined use all of these languages in the right direction to create a professional working website.

How is this social media network perform?

Social media is basically for people to share their thoughts, activities and interest to the world. To make that kind of functionality together is called social networking website.

Social media network in this course is basic but beautiful. This course is specially designed for people who really want to enhance their programming skills and want to know how you can use all basic languages to build a social network. We will learn all this right from the scratch and program every single line and view the live effect of our website.

What should you know?

You should know the basics of PHP & MySQLi before joining this course, because we’ll straight start working on the project instead of explaining the basic syntax of PHP. We’ll first create the web development environment on our local computer.

Content and features of this website:

•             Displaying all members of website

•             Signup & Login Systems

•             User Profile Update

•             User Timeline

•             User Posts

•             Notifications

•             Send or receive friend requests

•             User comments on each Post

•             Sending & Receiving Messages

•             Privacy Settings for User timeline

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn use of PHP in real world
  • Anyone who wants to experience how you can develop a website using PHP and MYSQLI
  • Anyone who have some basic knowledge of PHP and want to explore
  • Anyone who want to develop their own professional website

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