Complete Rigging Course: Moho & Anime Studio

The complete guide to everything you need to know to make professional rigs

Course Description


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Complete Rigging Course: Moho & Anime Studio


What is this course about?


This course is for those who have created a character in Anime Studio/ Moho or any other drawing software and want to take it to the next level by rigging it. Take your character design and give it a professional rig using the techniques and tools taught here.

Rigging for those who do not understand the tools and how to use them in Anime Studio/Moho can be a struggle. If you however do have some knowledge of rigging we will take you to the next level and teach you all you can to unlock the potential of your rig. Anime Studio/ Moho makes it as easy as humanly possible to rig your character. The rigging tools are simple and unlike anything else out there. Once you master their tools, it’s a matter of playing it smart and tweaking a couple things here and there to give yourself a ready to animate rig. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.


What material is included?


This course like my others is a no fluff, straight to the core, course. In it I dive right in to actually using the tools Anime Studio/Moho offers to rig our characters. Each character I rig is free for you to use and already included in Moho 12. This course will cover everything from Anime Studio 9.5 to Moho 12.


Why take this course?


In this course I will walk you through step-by-step how to rig and organize a character ready for animation. These lectures are gold for those who have had trouble in the past with their 2D rig but even more so as we continue to update, these lectures will give you the experience in character rigging you have been missing!


Is this course right for me?


This course might not be right for you if you are already a well equipped Animator with a full knowledge of rigging. But even if you are comfortable at rigging you can still learn how we make ready to animate characters that utilize Anime Studio/ Moho to its full extent.

I hope you will join us in the ever increasing world of character rigging!

What are the requirements?

  • Students will need to have Anime Studio 9.5 or higher (is recommended)
  • It is recommended to have knowledge of the drawing tools and how the interface works

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Easily learn Anime Studio Pro/ Moho Rigging techniques
  • Create professional rigs ready to be animated
  • Learn all of the tools, menus, tricks and techniques to make the rigging process efficient and fun!
  • Increase your rigging skills without having to have ‘previous experience’

What is the target audience?

  • Those wanting to MASTER 2D Rigging should take this course
  • Anyone wanting to learn rigging and it’s proper technique
  • Highly recommended to take this course if you struggle with animation/ find it difficult
  • DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE if, you are a traditional animator looking for frame by frame animation.
  • DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE if, you consider yourself a rigging professional already in Anime Studio/ Moho

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