Code Along : Going Serverless with Firebase 3 and Angular

Develop a complete application from scratch, Line-by-Line using Angular4 and Firebase 3


As the name suggest this is a LIVE-CODING course. There is less talk and more coding.

We create a complete Angular 4 application LINE-BY-LINE using Firebase 3 as our backend infrastructure. Yes, I said backend infrastructure since we utilize several services offered by Firebase such as the database, authentication, storage, messaging and hosting.

Who should really watch this course ?

  1. Folks that are absolute beginners and have never used either firebase or Angular and want to quickly understand what it means to use these technologies.
  2. Seasoned programmers who do not have 20 hours to spare to go through a detailed  Angular and Firebase course.
  3. Programmers who simply want to know “If I adopt Angular 4+ and Firebase 3+  for my project, what am I dealing with ? ”
  4. Programmers who want to add projects to their resume. 

So sit back and watch me code a relatively complex web application in just a few hours or even better, code along with me.  We cover all aspects from design, installation to coding to deployment.

However if you are looking for deep theoretical knowledge, this course is NOT for you. This course does not go about talking for hours on the THEORY behind Angular and Firebase.

This course is about implementation. Putting knowledge to practice. There will be some commentary along the way but for most.. it’s just intense coding.

To follow along in this course, you are required to have No prior knowledge of Angular or firebase. Absolutely None.


The ONLY pre-requisite that I suggest is that you know some fundamental javascript. Knowledge of promises, callback and scoping is a must.

This course was developed in mid 2017, however I will be sure to keep it compatible with the latest version of the the libraries as and when they are released.

Who is the target audience?
  • Programmers interested in learning about Serverless technologies specifically Firebase 3
  • Programmers who wants to enhance their resume with actual projects on their github account
  • Developers who have read about Angular4 and are wondering how to actually use this framework
  • Developers who want to learn how to use Angular 4 and Firebase 3 together

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