Cinema 4D – Basic Course Vol.2

How to realize an animated videos using new basic tools and workflows.

Course Description

This course is about 3D graphics with the aim to realize an animated video for the motion graphics field by using Cinema4D. 

This time we’ll travel throughout the production workflows creating a little more complex objects, that will offer us the occasion to see new tools.

 You don’t have to be an expert: the course is a basic one and you’ll be able to manage all the creation aspects on the fly.

The course is organized by videos and are available to download the textures used into the project. 

To end the course, it’s enough 1 week.

 The course is divided in 2 main areas: the first show how to realize a static rendering, the second how to animate objects and build a video.

So the starting topics are related to modeling and texturing, to pass in time at rigging, animation curves and rendering of animated sequences.
This time we’ll use mograph objects and Effectors too.

The softwares used are:
– Cinema4D: modeling, lighting, cameras, materials and animation.
– Photoshop, Mudbox: texturing.
– After Effects, Premiere: Compositing and editing.

The main topics clearly are focused on using Cinema4D.

 This course will explain to you everything you need to create a 3D animation giving you more tools and methods.

What are the requirements?

  • The softwares needed are: Cinema4D mainly. Anyway along the course we’ll put hands on Photoshop, Mudbox, After Effects and Premiere as well. Knowing some basics of them would be helpful, but anyway we’ll use really the simplest tools and procedures, so if you don’t know them, that’s not a problem.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • To learn new tools and workflows that enrich what you’ve seen into the Vol.1. This time again, you’ll get a completed, animated scene ready to export as video.
  • To create from scratch simple objects, animate them and make a final rendering. This time we’ll go a little further, creating a little more complex objects.
  • To build a motion graphics product by using different softwares together, acquiring so the typical production workflows. These are the same of the Volume 1, so here you will appreciate their capability to manage different tasks.

What is the target audience?

  • This course is for beginner interested in 3D graphics for motion graphics. The topics illustrated here are the basics to understand clearly the needed steps to realize a 3D graphics video. This time we’ll create objects that go beyond a simple cube.
  • It is adviced for professionals as well: some tips showed along the course could be useful

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