Camera RAW: The 10-Step System for Retouching Photos

Take your photos from dull to dynamic in no time


Knowing how to retouch photos can get a little too much for a lot of photographers. Photoshop has so many tools and it takes so much time to learn about all of them. Instead, I teach you only 10 things that if you apply to your photos, they will really stand out.

No more worrying about what each of the tool in Photoshop does. No more spending hours on each of your photos. All you need to know is 10 things within the Adobe Camera RAW plugin and you’re set.

It takes less than a few minutes to apply all the 10 steps once you’ve mastered them, which will make your retouching a whole lot faster and you won’t sweat when you have to work on hundreds of photos from a shoot.

If you want to know what that 10-step process is, dive right in.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for photographers to help them retouch their photos

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