Build websites fast without coding using Bootstrap

You can create beautiful, professional websites in minutes using free tools.


Modern, free tools allow anyone to build beautiful websites quickly. With about an hour’s instruction, you can begin building professional websites and share them freely on the web. This course will show you how.

  1. Learn a few free, simple, non-technical tools that will enable you to build websites.
  2. Discover one of the best sources of free, high-quality images on the web so you can build beautiful websites
  3. Publish your websites  to a free web hosting service used by the most adept geeks around the world using easy-to-learn tools

When you’re done, you’ll have enough knowledge to build and publish websites for yourself and others. Not just amateur websites, but professional quality websites suitable for many businesses in your area.

**NOTE: We do not use WordPress or other server-side tools. The websites you create in this course will be simple, standard HTML that can be used on any platform. This makes it very easy to share the sites you create with others.

Who is the target audience?
  • People who want to build websites but don’t want to write code.
  • Graphic designers and non-technical people
  • Technical people who prefer not to write HTML code by hand.

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