#15 Hand Coordination – 16th Note Left Hand Ballad 9 D Key

Dress up a song with 16th Notes and Melody Fills, suspended chords, Add 9th color tones. Drills to coordinate LH + RH


Master Fun 16th Note Piano Playing in D Key Songs!

It’s exciting for me to see my students having so much fun in learning piano!  I am creating this new series of course for my students because this is something that they need at the present moment to take their piano playing to a higher level.

1.  Amateur Piano Players:  Play in 8th notes

2.  Professional Piano Players:  Play in 16th notes

Learn how to play the entire song –  “There is a Fountain” in 16th notes in D Key!

– LH plays Dancing Ballad 9th in D Key

– RH plays melody fillers in long notes – 9th tone +D  suspended chords

– End Song with a 9th Chord in D Key


**There are a lot of Play Along in this course!**

My students have difficulty coordinating both hands together at times, so in this course I have done many play along for:

  • Left Hand only for each line for each song & then play through the complete song.
  • Both Hands in Slow Motion for each line for each song & then play through the complete song.
  • Both Hands in Normal Tempo for each line for each song & then play through the complete song.

The design is in such a way that students can slowly gain confidence by working on the Left Hand first, and then play through each line in slow motion, and finally play through each line in normal tempo.

The whole program is designed in such a way that students have a method to practice the techniques & to move them to play by ear.

  • Each line  is played with Music Score in front of them.
  • Each line  is played with Chords + counting
  • Each line is played with chords only so that by the time students get to this level, they can play by EAR.


Purpose of this course:

1.  This course is designed to ‘help’ students apply  ONE Specific Piano Technique – the Dancing 9 to a 4/4  song in D Key.  Once you know how to do it to this song, you will be able to do it to any 4/4 songs.

2.  From my own experience of teaching, I notice that students need to DRILL one technique at a time to their songs so that the technique can become ‘automatic’ in their playing.  The series of video clips are prepared in slow motion and normal tempo so that students can practice, practice, and practice until they feel very comfortable in using the technique easily to songs.

3.  Therefore, this course is NOT about arranging a specific song.  If you want to learn how to ‘arrange’ a song, you can take my other piano courses.   This course is to help students to find as many places as possible to apply the beautiful Dancing 9 technique.

4.  In order that students can come away with confidence in Mastering the Technique, the steps shown are very thorough and systematic in the  video clips..  All that is left is for students to have FUN practising them at the piano!


This course will give you:

1. The Dancing 9 in D Key is  an EZ technique that you want to MASTER! This fun technique will help turn a plain song to  ‘dance’.   It will give momentum to your song. It will make your song ‘dance’ and not boring at all.

2.  Learn how to play the Dancing  9 in 16th notes in D Key.

3. My Secret Piano Tip of how to start implementing 16th note ballad playing into your songs!  This one is GOLD.  I know, because it took me years to come to this SECRET TIP of playing 16th Notes Easily.  Once you get this technique into your fingers, you will sound professional. Your songs will all sound fresh & contemporary! You will add newness to all the good ol’ fashioned Gospel Hymns!

4.  The video clips show you exactly how to play the Dancing 9 in 16th notes to WOW your audience!  Slow motion and play along!  For sure, you will be able to follow exactly how to put them into your songs.  You will learn how to count to fit arpeggios into the melody of the song.

5.  Watch, copy and play, play, play. That’s what this course is about!

6.  With that foundation, you can go and experiment the idea and create your own Dancing 9 variations!



Who is the target audience?
  • Students who want to play in the flow
  • Students who want to play professionally by moving on to 16th notes

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