Loopback, Angular 5, Ionic 3: Build Web and Mobile Apps

Create Full Stack Web and Mobile Applications Using Loopback Rest API, Angular and Ionic Framework

  • Adding Custom Endpoints with Remote Methods
  • Validating Data


  • Using CLI
  • Installing Angular Material
  • Creating Components/Services
  • Server Side Pagination
  • Mobile Compatible UI with Flex Layout
  • Making HTTP requests
  • CRUD operations
  • JWT Authentication
  • Using Local Storage
  • Server Side Validation
  • Guards


  • Using CLI
  • Creating Pages
  • Creating Providers
  • Lazy Loading Pages
  • Infinite Scroll / Sever Side Pagination
  • Making HTTP requests
  • CRUD operations
  • JWT Authentication
  • Using Local Storage
  • Server Side Validation
  • Theming Application

much more …!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to become Full Stack Developer
  • Anyone who wants to create Rest API
  • Anyone who want to know how to integrate Loopback with Angular and Ionic

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