Learning Path: Vue.js: Web Application Development Made Easy

Create modern web applications with Vue.js


Vue.js is the upcoming efficient JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. It makes use of the  fast and composable Model–view–viewmodel architecture. If you’re a JavaScript developer looking to develop user interfaces speedily, this Learning Path is for you. This Learning Path will start by building a simple application in Vue.js so you can observe its features in action. Delving into more complex concepts, you’ll learn about reactive data binding, reusable components, plugins, filters, and state management with Vuex.

Moving further, create a To-Do Application. After that, you will build a GitHub application which connects to GitHub using the Axios client. You will learn to create different Vue components as well as handle computed properties for your application. Finally, you will then build a real-time chat application, where you will work with Pusher service, Vue Router, and Vuex. Then, know everything you need to be fully comfortable working with Virtual Private Clouds in the AWS ecosystem, as well as get acquainted with some essential best practices for securing your applications.

By the end of this Learning Path, you will have worked with the different features of Vue.js that will make you fall in love with single page web application development.

About the Author:

For this course, we have combined the best works of this esteemed author:

Olga Filipova took her master’s degree in Computer Science in Portugal, at Coimbra University. She worked as a software engineer at Feedzai and as a tutor for professional web development course at a training center in Coimbra. Currently working as a senior software engineer and JavaScript team leader at Meetrics and as technical director at EdEra, she is skilled in project management, team leading, web-development, server management, and programming.

Peter van Meijgaard is a web application developer who has been tinkling with web development ever since he can remember. He is an avid JavaScript developer and loves Vue.js for its simplicity as well its ability to facilitate web app development. He has given various talks on Vue.js in the past, and has also worked on various training programmes.


Who is the target audience?
  • This Learning Path is for web developers who want to learn VueJs to build professional web applications. This Learning Path is also for novice web developers who want to learn VueJs.

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