Learn Blender and Unity: Create a Low-Poly Campfire Scene

Use the Blender software to create low-poly nature assets, and create a beautiful low-poly campfire scene in Unity!

Course Description

Learn how to create low-poly nature assets in the Blender software and create a beautiful campfire scene in the Unity software!

Learn how to use Blender and Unity together to create a beautiful campfire scene

  • Learn how to create low-poly nature assets in Blender, from scratch!
  • Learn how to create a nice looking terrain in Unity, from scratch!
  • Learn how to add your Blender models into Unity.
  • Create a beautiful sunset in Unity.
  • Create a transparent fire in Paint.NET for your campfire.

A fun and easy way for all skill levels to create a beautiful low-poly campfire scene

Whether you’re a seasoned or new game designer or 3D modeler, this course will show you how to effectively model 3D low-poly nature assets for use in the Unity game engine. Blender and Unity are both very popular pieces of software, and many successful games have used both programs. Blender is fantastic for all skill levels, having a very intuitive interface and easy learning curve even if you’re a beginner, while Unity provides all the tools necessary to create a beautiful low-poly campfire scene. This engaging and fun course will be satisfying, since you’ll be able to create an entire scene in Unity from scratch simply using the tools that Blender and Unity provide to you.

Course Overview

This course will cover everything needed to create a low-poly campfire scene, from modeling the nature assets to putting the scene together. Whether you’re a student new to Blender and/or Unity or a seasoned game designer or 3D modeler, this course will give you the knowledge needed to create a simple and beautiful scene in Unity from scratch.

You’ll start by setting up your Unity scene and modeling your low-poly nature assets in the Blender software. Afterwards, you’ll sort out some potential issues with your models in Unity. Finally, you’ll create your terrain and use your nature assets to create a beautiful low-poly campfire scene. And perhaps best of all, this course is under 3 hours long, so you won’t have to worry about spending days to create a simple little scene!

What are the requirements?

  • Install Blender
  • Install Unity

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Create low-poly nature assets in Blender
  • Create a campfire scene in Unity
  • Have a more intuitive understanding of modeling in Blender
  • Save and export models from Blender into Unity
  • Navigate the Unity and Blender softwares with more confidence

What is the target audience?

  • Beginners in the Blender and Unity softwares should take this course.
  • Students who want to create a low-poly scene in Unity should take this course.
  • This course is NOT for students looking to create a realistic scene in Unity. This course covers the low-poly style.

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