Introduction to React and Redux. Code Web Apps in JavaScript

A Beginner’s Guide to React and Redux for Aspiring Web App Developers & Entrepreneurs.


Do you want to learn to build beautiful, well-functioning web apps? Join web developer Chris Veillette in this course for beginners to start building web apps today.

Why React?

React is an efficient and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Many popular websites including Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, and Imgur use React.

We at Mammoth Interactive value input from students like you. Feel free to leave us any questions in our Q&A section. Please leave this course a review. We love hearing from you!

You can build your own web apps! This course is full of practical examples. We teach you theory while also building real projects that you can put in your web development portfolio. Enroll today to join the Mammoth community.

Who is the target audience?
  • Developers who want to learn about React and Redux.
  • Coders who want to learn to build web apps.
  • Coders who want to learn JavaScript.

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