Introduction to NodeJS – Learn and Understand JavaScript

A Compact Course for beginners! Learn a rising and FREE web programming platform Node.js, which builds fast server apps.


Do you want to code for the web? In this course: get a fundamental introduction to a fast growing JavaScript environment.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a runtime environment that allows you to use JavaScript outside of a browser context. For instance, you can use it directly on a computer or server OS. It has support for HTTP and reading from/writing to files. Node.js is lightweight and efficient.

What are the benefits of Node.js?

Node is fast. Its code is written in plain JavaScript that is easy to understand. The Node Package Manager (NPM) is helpful. It is well-supported, popular, and has an active community of developers.

Node.js is free to install. We use v6.11.2 LTS in this course.

Feel free to leave us any questions in our Q&A section. Please leave this course a rating. We love hearing from you!

Source code is included. Enroll today to join the Mammoth community.

Who is the target audience?
  • People with basic coding skills who want to learn NodeJS

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