Complete guide to UI / UX Wireframing

Complete guide to UI / UX wire framing from basic up to creating Chat Application UI in Balsamiq Mockup .

Course Description

If you ever search about UI / UX design process the very cool phase of these process is Wire framing and sketching . its means that drawing the very first details of the idea that we want to build our application or website UI/ UX according to these first sketchy wire frames .

You can draw wire frames with pencil on an hard paper if you have a little bit good drawing skill but what is better then a computer and software’s ?

In this course we will talk about wire framing basics  and why we need wire frames and sketch of our UI / UX , What is UI / UX itself ? What are the UI / UX Design process ? What are the Tools and we go in depth of Balsamiq mockup software and we will start from basic overviews to user interface of it up to creating a Mobile Chat application UI and then we create interactive buttons right inside Balssmiq mockup and then we export from Balsamiq to other format for using on other web application prototyping service called Marvel App .

Feature of this class :

1-      Easy to follow .

2-      No need of any advance understanding of graphic soft wares .

3-      Complete guide .

4-      Project oriented

5-      Project file and assets .

If you are new to UI / UX and need a very in depth look to this important phase of UI / UX design then this class is perfect for you lets get started 🙂

What are the requirements?

  • Installing Balsamiq Mockup .
  • Self confidence .

What am I going to get from this course?

  • What is UI / UX ?
  • Process of User interface and User Experience design .
  • What is Wire framing ?
  • Complete guide to Balsamiq Mockup .
  • Creating UI / UX interactive wire frame in Balsamiq Mockup .
  • Advance Prototype in Marvell App.

What is the target audience?

  • This course is for people with a little bit knowledge in graphic software like Photoshop , Illustrator , Corel draw or Sketch .

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