Building Declarative Apps using Functional Javascript

In-depth guide for developers wishing to create powerful web apps using functional JavaScript


Declarative Webapps with Functional JavaScript teaches intermediate functional programmers the skills to write JavaScript apps with FP by building and connecting various components of a front-end webapp.

Completion of this course should be your next step after learning the basics of functional programming. In a few hours you’ll learn what many functional programming articles and tutorials fail to capture; how should one begin to connect all these FP concepts into an application?

You will learn how to create compositions of functional code, handle impurities and I/O, along with how to understand that funky syntax found in so many functional programming articles and documentation.

About the Author :

Michael Rosata has been a professional Javascript Developer for 4 years now, he started building web pages. He started building web pages, widges and then Web Apps. He has worked on a couple of large webapps using Javascript as well as Apache cordova. He loves the javascript ecosystem and the web community and adopted Functional Programming as his passion. He is the founder of MA Web Dev Meetup group and they are currently building a web app for non profits.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course was designed for intermediate JavaScript developers who have recently begun their journey into functional programming. It expects that you understand what a pure function is, how to curry functions and use higher-order function maps, filter, and reduce.

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