The more you add, the flatter it gets. When using Tamiya Clear Flat (matt varnish, NOT Flat Base), what is the best thinning ratio for spraying, and what's the prefered thinner ? there is nothing wrong with lacquer per se. I have been using 2 parts X-21 Flat Base to 3 parts Future as a flat coat for 5 years and it always gives me a perfect dead flat finish with no problems. or Best Offer. some say to use it. My rule of thumb is: You can paint enamels and acrylics over lacquer, but not lacquers over enamels and acrylics. I’m trying to be more careful since the gloss coat I used(Mr.Hobby Color Acrylic Clear Gloss) ruined the camo on my current model. It is called Tamiya Flat Base, right? If it's some kind of spray can, you might want to wait longer though, as spray cans mist a lot more paint onto the model and usually take longer to fully cure. Stupid poos in the room. Then flat coat with another type of coat. The White is actually trapped water vapor. Shop with confidence. These spray paints were developed especially for decorating transparent polycarbonate bodies used in R/C car modeling. Testors dullcoat, what goes underneath it? From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf Of Eric Hansmann Sent: Tuesday, April 14, 2020 9:43 AM To: [email protected] Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] Tamiya Flat Clear TS-80 spray can I’ve had sputtering rattle cans of Dullcoat ruin freight car finishes. Does anyone knows the biggest difference between these two? i much prefer mr clear, but its more expensive for a lesser quantity. C $3.27. 1 offer from CDN$41.30. Tamiya makes a flat clear. I've used Testors dulcote for ever straight from the spray can without much problem.I had 1 hard lesson at first,that it had to be shaken very well first,my finished model was a write off as it turned into totally white dust.I am going to try something Gino suggested on another post.Modelmaster lusterless flat,#1960.I had no idea it existed and I have yet to find it. it works with the rattle cans too, its just easier to get a light coat with an airbrush. Now, this is different stuff than MM flat clear. Testor Dull Coat is good. most people who speak for and against lacquer are speaking on personal preference or paint compatibility with the other paints they use. But overall Testor Dull Coat is very nice. Get ready for some science experiments… Testors Clear Coat Perhaps you should ask a different question. Testors TENAMEL-1247 Aerosol Enamel Paint, 3 oz, Gloss Black 4.5 out of 5 stars 165. I don't know if it is as "flat" as Testors, but at least it will be compatible with your color coats. I also have a few rattle cans of MM laquer. I'm interested in what you find that works. Paste as plain text instead, × Never clogged, and always comes out flat. I use one drop of Badger Accuflex extender in each airbrush bowl of Testors modelmaster acryl paint. Altough it must be stirred & thinned well to get the best result. the rattle cans is the same stuff as the bottle, juset that you need to thin the stuff in the bottle before you spray it. Greetings all. We are shipping online orders as usual during the COVID-19 event. but litter fumes don't kill brain cells, just make you.... :D I hate cats and their smell, plus the damn things shed and hairs get in your models.... anyways, I had to claim my minute of anger. Clear editor. I like the Tamiya sprays by far compared to Army Painter and Citadel (clear coats and primers), but I wish they came in a bigger can. The only conclusion I've come up with is that I want my Polly-S flat coat back. Too little Flat Base have no effect on the paint. I've literally spent my entire day trying to figure out a solution to the white, dusty flat coat quandary. 100ml of paint. the finish is much more noticeable than the krylon in my opinion. So you are telling me that is designed to work as a mixing agent with other paints...... well on that case I think I am going to stick with testors.... just open all the windows and door before I shoot, woo hoo, another lacquer purist! Our retail location is PICKUP ONLY. Some people say dont use laquer. (all these acryllic users were making me feel like the last smoker in the bar), ? I can't remember the number, but the Tamiya web site would list it. I love Testors Dull Cote. This will prevent the clear coat from cracking due to different cure rates from the paint underneath. After finsihing decaling, I'm preparing to airbrush my model with a matte finish using Tamiya XF-86 Flat Clear. Or for brushing try … <_<. Some of these I really haven’t heard too much about being used for BJDs. 19d 23h left (22/6, 22:36) From United States. I wanted to test them out on resin and see how they looked and felt. A heavy coat gives the solvents more time to attack the other paints. Just a heads up on some of these labeled cans that may still be in circulation. It's readily available here in Australia. <_<. I personally love testors dullcote, and i dont mind the smell, but if you want something friendlier, tamiya will work, just takes some pratice to get the right mix of flat base and clear. I can't speak for the other brands, but I have used the Vallejo Matt Varnish with no problems. But I don't put down anything before i use dullcote. I think the testors dullcote has just a bit more sheen than acryl flat, which i like. New (11) from $12.75 & … 1-16 of 49 results for "tamiya clear coat" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. The more you add, the flatter it gets. It is a flattening additive to add to their gloss clear coat. Brand New. Here's my honest advice as I've heard of this issue before. As Si said Tamiya Clear is added to matt paint to give a gloss finish and Flat Base is added to gloss paint to give a matt finish. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Posted: Thursday, November 29, 2012 - 07:02 PM UTC, Posted: Thursday, November 29, 2012 - 10:59 PM UTC, Posted: Thursday, November 29, 2012 - 11:59 PM UTC. You are viewing the archived version of the site. level 1 … × I still want to try pollyscale, every review claims to be the flat coat from the gods... would see. Ive tried MM acryl flat but for me I feel that it is a bit too flat of a coat. Display as a link instead, × Posted: Thursday, November 29, 2012 - 04:34 PM UTC. Sometimes I got frosty surfaces on the model because of this Dull Coat. But what about yellowing, I've read on this forum where Testors MM dullcote and glosscote turn yellow over time. It is a flattening additive to add to their gloss clear coat. yes, it is just fine. Tamiya's Clear Flat in a jar is also very good. Customs services and international tracking provided. The main problem is that no matter what formulas, brands, thinning ratios or ritual dances to the modeling gods I use, I always end up with a finish that makes the model look dusty. Same thing with their gloss paints. I swore those off many years ago. Is it okay to use the laquer if i do it lightly? Replied by Phil on topic Tamiya XF-86 flat clear help I've found it ok, not as good as Gunze flat, but I've never had any issue with it drying glossy. C $12.05; Buy It Now +C $29.74 shipping Unless you have the spray can version, then just shake it well. ive used krylon matte finish clear coat and also mr clear top coat flat. Might at least bring some of the color back. $12.57 $ 12. Honestly, most of the time, I use Tamiya Clear Flat Lacquer in a spray can. As far as Tamiya, I dont think they make a flat clear coat. ... Tamiya TAM87131 Black Planel Line Accent 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,504. Of course, thats all a matter of personal taste! To protect the paint and decals from the lacquer. Posted: Friday, November 30, 2012 - 01:39 AM UTC. I ordered some tamiya base and i have a bottle of future to thin it out. Recently I went to my local hobby store and picked out some clear matte sealants. TAMIYA PS-55 Flat Clear Polycarbonate Spray 100Ml - 75-T86055. This went Pete Tong and they replaced the stickers with ones saying `don`t use with enamel or acrylic paint`. I share my building room with stupid the cat. I absolutely love David Gilmour's guitar work. Sometimes even in the cat litter. Testors lacquer flat works like a charm, but the darn thing stinks my place for about a week, I just got some tamiya flat, nice acrylic "brain cell friendly" stuff, Rick, You could look at it the way I do. For best results allow up to one week. I find anything other than a flat clear coat … 3.4oz (100ml) can of Tamiya Color Spray Lacquer for Plastic Models (TS-80 Gloss Clear) For Adult Modelers Only. Looking at your pictures Bill I'm getting a bit of this too, only nowhere near as bad. I hope that Humbrol have sorted out their problems as I once found their products ultra-reliable untill my desert jets came out looking like they`d been covered in (1)snow or (2) paintstripper. just start with a light coat, which will dry very quickly, then a bit heavier on a second coat and that does it. But if you want to create some effect for tyres, this flat base can work. Tamiya acrylic paint, XF-86 Flat clear. Applying clear coat … Make sure to test clear coating over decals before applying to a finished project. X-21 is a flating agent—don't use it straight. Therefore its a battle between me and stupid the cat. Testors lacquer flat works like a charm, but the darn thing stinks my place for about a week, I just got some tamiya flat, nice acrylic "brain cell friendly" stuff, but.... would I get the same results as testors? Posted: Friday, November 30, 2012 - 10:45 AM UTC. Again, thin it out and spray it on lightly and it dries dead flat. Otherwise, you can use Tamiya X-22 Clear Gloss mixed with X-21 Flat base to make a suitable acrylic flat coat. Posted: Saturday, December 01, 2012 - 02:50 AM UTC, Thanks for all the responses thus far. Tamiya USA Featured Items Paint & Finishing Products Painting is one of the most important steps in the model-making process, and quality coloring is made easy using Tamiya paint and finishing materials! 5.0 out of 5 stars. I have been using Liqutex matt varnish thinned slightly with water and some of their Slow-Dri Fluid Retarder for almost a year now with no problems.It sprays well and is cheap to use.Jeff T. The building lamp is lit.Build'em if you got'em. I've done some more testing using the suggestions from you all, but unfortunately don't have any real progress to report. × Sorry for the noob question,but I am wondering if I can spray Tamiya Lacquer(TS-13 and TS-80)from a rattle can as a gloss and flat coat over my models which are painted in Tamiya Acrylics. This batch has since been recalled from major retaillers but I have seen a few still on the market in smaller outlets. Model Master Acryl flat isn't bad either. On the bench: Dragon flakvierling with armoured cab + AM Works PE, Posted: Sunday, December 02, 2012 - 01:49 PM UTC. I had a small plastic tub (with a lid) of a desert yellow which kept liquid for 2 weeks after I added two drops of extender to the mix. TS80 Flat Clear is useful to clear coat glossy paint finishes that you desire to have a final flat look. The key is to spray light, mist coats and not soak the surface. Tamiya makes a clear flat paint that you can use instead. Lacquer just tends to be "hotter" than other types so you have to be careful using it over other paints. That stinks too. I did have some Floquil Reefer White yellow after I hit it with Testor Dullcote (in the rattle can) but that was probably more because I didn't let the paint dry long enough. Cheers Mike, you`ve inspired me to stick some on :). If only varnishing was so simple...Ahhhh. I just ordered a bottle of Tamiya XF86, and will post my findings as soon as I shoot it. It can be mixed in varying amounts with gloss acrylic (only) paints to produce any desired level of reflectance, including Tamiya clear gloss coat. Ideal for preparing ABS and Styrene plastic for paint. My goal is to get as dead flat finish as possible. Lusterless Flat Lacquer Clear Coat Testors Customers also viewed these products. I used one on a `copter and it was fine, next day I used it on a jet and...disaster! Canada Post is not updating tracking information on a regular basis. You can post now and register later. Posted: Friday, November 30, 2012 - 09:29 AM UTC. I have Iso alcohol, or water, and I can get the very small bottles of Tamiya thinner. I love the smell of dull coat in the morning. Testors also have one in their product line. I haven't used Model Master dull or gloss to know if they yellow over time though. Part Number 85080. Posted: Friday, November 30, 2012 - 10:12 AM UTC, Posted: Friday, November 30, 2012 - 10:13 AM UTC. Always turns out, never failed me yet and been using it for years and years. If you don't have an airbrush, get some Mr Topcoat or another acrylic clear coat for best results. It dries instantly and is safe over enamel or acrylic finishes. For my first ever post on Armorama, I'm looking for some troubleshooting assistance. For a small area such as that which you describe, you may wish to see if you can find a bottle of Gunze clear flat acrylic (H-20) which will be far less aggressive. However, they did and although I have never heard an official line from Humbrol, I assume that the withdrawal of this product by the company itself flags up the dangers of using any of these cans still in circulation. In my experience airbrushing it, it dries to the touch within a few minutes, and at about 30 minutes to an hour you can easily apply decals. Since you like using Tamiya acrylics, Tamiya launched XF-86 Flat Clear in their acrylic mini range - 10ml bottles. I've never used this product before, but my understanding is that it is specifically intended for use as a final coat (and is a different product than Tamiya Flat Base X21.) Carefully sand down the coat with a fine grit sand paper/ polishing cloth to cut through the refraction of the flat coat. Yeah, I was a Humbrol man untill they changed formula and only, initially, advertised it as `new formula`, with no mention of the potential harm it could do if you sprayed it on their own enamel paint. Don't thin it at all, just drop it in the airbrush and go. March 21, 2006 in Tools 'n' Tips. TS-80 Flat Clear. +C $25.05 shipping.   You cannot paste images directly. A slight sheen isn't too bad, but would prefer not to have any...especially on figures. Bill,sorry you are having so much trouble.I know it can be frustrating not being ablle to fix a problem.Let me ask you a few questions.